Michael Klubertanz was born November 25th 1968 in Bad Neustadt/Saale (Germany)

from 1974 he had piano lessons, 1978 he added church organ to his studies

1984 and 1986 he passed the D- und C-Diplomas as part-time church musician

while still at school, he regularly guest-conducted choirs and was also the pianist and organist in the chamber music ensemble "Würzburger Klassisches Terzett"

1988 graduation from high school in Würzburg

1988 - 1992 studying at the Würzburg Music University with Professor Günther Wich (conducting), Professor Peter Falk (vocal coaching) und Professor Norman Shetler (piano)

1988 - 1992 choir master in the parish of "Heilige Familie" (Würzburg); ensemble building, vocal training, enlargement of the former a-capella repertoire up to Mozart masses and contemporary music, founding of an instrument ensemble

1991 visiting Bayreuth as stipendiate of the Richard-Wagner-Association Würzburg

1991 vocal coach at Theater an der Rott, Eggenfelden, Germany

1992 Diploma as conductor at Würzburg Music University

since the 1992/93 season he had his first full time engagement as solo vocal coach and conductor at the Heidelberg municipal theatre (numerous opera performances and concerts with Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra, among these many first nights, german and world premieres as well as a very popular series of family concerts; regular guest conducting the Bremen Philharmonic, the Hamburg Symphonics and Nuremberg Symphonics; song cycles and chamber music performances as pianist)

1993 - 1995 principal conductor of Instrumentalvereins Darmstadt, symphonic programs in the Darmstadt State Theater

1995 - 2007 appointed second principal conductor, chief of studies and assistant to the GMD at Heidelberg Theatre

1996 collaboration with Philip Glass for the world premiere of his opera „The Marriages between Zones three, four and five“

since 1996 collaboration with actor Hans-Jürgen Schatz, leading to a large shared program of children´s works

& 2003 guest lecturer for contemporary music theatre at Heidelberg Pedagogic University

1998 assisting for Charles Dutoit at the Orchestre Philharmonique Suisse


1999 first time guest conducting at Schleswig-Holstein-Musikfestival

1999/2000 hospitation at Bayreuther Festspiele (Christian Thielemann)


from 2000 numerous musical school projects

2001 founding the publishing company mkverlag with sheet music and book program; working on advertising, layout, music typesetting, graphics, DTP, internet, studio work, creation of CDs and CDRom

since 2002 musical director of several musical stage productions involving only actors, not opera singers

2004/05 cooperation mit der composer´s class of Mannheim Music University

since 2005 again enforcing chamber music appearances (among other Festival of the Arts, Bad Rappenau)

since 2007 cooperation with actor Alexander Peutz (Rock, Pop and Jazz performances)

since 2007 assistant professor at Stuttgart Music University, performing arts faculty

since 2008 principal conductor of Karlsruhe Academic Chamber Orchestra

since 2011 founding the film music service mkscoring

Michael Klubertanz gave lessons preparative for entrance exams at music universities. He is esteemed by many artists like Ruth Ziesak and Ulf Hoelscher as piano coach for their concert and recording preparations. He has penned numerous  acclaimed arrangements for various instrumentations.  He knows studio work as an artist as well as concerning the technicalities of record production. New media and web design are well known to him. For his own and other publishing companies he translated from English and Swedish. His articles appeared among others in the encyclopedia  "Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart" and the magazine "Musik und Unterricht".

Michael Klubertanz is actively supporting the work of german composer Hermann Zilcher (1881 - 1948). Besides performing the works, he is coauthor of the Hermann-Zilcher-Homepage and wrote about Zilcher for Wikipedia and the encyclopedia "Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart".

spoken: German, Englisch, Italian
phonetically understood:  French, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, Russian

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Audio and Video available here on Youtube